Starting my weekend early 8-).There is a "snow storm" passing by tomorrow but that will NOT keep me inside the house.Tonight I will be working on some graphic designs for the upcoming release of heartbreaksound.We will be attending a meeting this weekend. Expect some very BIG updates. ATTENTION: WE ARE GOING ALL OUT WITH THIS BRAND. we are NOT RUSHING IT. when you rush things they end up not working. We have some VERY DOPE Ideas that many(or most) of you will LOVE.

Here is my funny picture of the week. I will post a picture once a week of the weirdest,randomest,funnyest thing I have seen during that week. I seen this on the wall of a BOBS FURNITURE store. Shit was funny to me.

(ps. check out the wall plug down by his pants. nice place to place it hu?. lmaaoo)

on a side note I am FINALLY giving up my sidekick for a better phone.I am now a proud owner of the blackberry storm. If anyone is thinking of buying the blackberry storm IT IS WORTH EVERY CENT!.I have had so many phones in the past year but I always ran back to my sidekick. This time I am done with it for good. I still have it activated until FEB when my contract expires which succksssssss. It's been sitting on my desk all day. Other than that, emotionally I am doing fine now =].

Talking about FEBRUARY I am trying my BEST to make that the OFFICIAL release month for heartbreaksound.

for some reason I am not feeling the holiday spirit. Am I the only one feeling like this? .

Anyways, Here is a new track . Enjoy :o)
Busta, missy and NEYO- "freaken you". Listen and download at the jump below.


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