So I have been a bit too busy. I have been on a tight schedule. I've been busy , meeting new people and networking with people who are helping me develop HEARTBREAKSOUND. There are shirts already done I would love to post pictures up but I would rather wait until the website / online store opens up . Talking about that I am going to Virginia February 14th till the 21rst for vacation and on a business trip. Once there I will meet up with some connections I have over there. I will be hard at work designing the online store with a web designer and getting things done with people who know there stuff. The online store / website will hopefully be opened by the end of February. Our first collection will be dropping sometime in March.

There are A LOT of things that are in the works.This Friday I will be filing and getting an LLC and trademark. There is A lOT that goes behind all this. I am not trying to rush this proccess of starting this clothing line/company.Not only am I dealing with A LOT OF money , people and my dream. I also DO NOT want the IRS to be knocking on my door in a year from now because I filed the paperwork all wrong. Not only that but I need to make sure I get the correct business license crap.(I call it crap because It truly a PAIN In THE A$$ getting all the paperwork together lol). I appologize for the delay but it will be all worth it. .

I would love to share many more things with you all but I would rather wait until we open up the website. =x . I am pretty proud of myself at this point. I am in tunnel vision right now . I am excited and overwhelmed.

But anyways, I will be posting blog entries when I am In Virginia. If any of you guys who check out the blog are from Virginia give me some good spots to check out! =)

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