Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mcqueen.

Alexander Mcqueen's collection was supposed to be shown the day of his death, they say that a heartbreak may have contributed to his death. Personally, This collection was THE collection I was waiting for, I hope that next year I will visit fashion week.
I wanted to write this from the heart. His collection (Which I will post the link to) made me think, made me stand up at home, and be in complete awe of his work. I know how it feels like to be starting off and trying to get somewhere with passion and a sewing machine. I congratulate him on his work and detail in his collection. Even though it was for men, it made me want to dress up in that clothing and feel powerful, feel edgey, and feel free of design. A lot of the feed back from his collection has been negative but, if you look at how he pieced everything together, the way the models are expressing themselves, that alone speaks for the clothes itself. Just because he died doesn't mean his name will not continue. I believe in that guy who took his time and tryed to get through heartbreak while putting together what is now his last collection, I believe in his name, his brand, his passion and his over all image for HIS clothing line/company. He is truely an inspiration to me. Forever rest in peace in all your fabulous glory, Alexander Mcqueen I will not forget you or your work.

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