new month, new goals, new kicks.

Ill start this post by saying that Friday night I fractured my nose against a car door. The dumbest thing I have EVER done. I haven't went to the doctors but tomorrow morning I will since my nose is swollen, I have a black/purple eye and It feels like a side piece of my nose chipped off. (oouucchhhh). Im in a bit of pain. . . now moving on

It is officially December. it is 1:25am and I am sitting trying to understand copyright and get all the forms so I can Copyright heartbreaksound as an official company. It will cost me some loot that I still need to get together and many forms that will go with it. Also, I guess I will have to report taxes a year once I start an online store and etc. So as of right now I am working on all that. If anyone knows really good information on all that and can help me please email me :). heartbreaksound@gmail.com

So now that it is officially December =) I need to set out the goals for the month and have to set deadlines and get the sample t-shirts going , get final drafts on a shirt design and get it screen printed. There is ALOT to do this month and It will be hard since it is a holiday month. This month will be a big planning and getting things together month. 2009 will be the successful launch of heartbreaksound . FEBRUARY 2009 seems to be good month as of right now for our season. alot of Ideas are coming along because of the special traditional day of valentines day. JUST LOOK OUT FOR US!

As I did my daily research I came across a NEW JAY-Z TRACK. produced by KANYE WEST :)
Jay-z feat Santogold-BROOKLYN (go hard) the link below lets you listen to it and download it.ENJOY!

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