burn pot.

hm let's see what is exciting for today. There is a couple of things and updates. Firstly I havent had the time to cook up some tshirt designs =/. But, hopefully tomorrow or some how over the weekend I will be able to. I will be having a meeting with the team soon hopefully!.

I am also trying to get a couple of radio interviews to get the name out there!. So far I already have one. if your local to where I am at I will give you more details as soon as everything comes together.

when I started typing this blog post I asked my sister to put some milk on the stove to warm up so I could have a nice hot chocolate. So she did so. We completely forgot about it until we smelled something funky. When I got to the kitchen what I seen nothing similar to the milk put inside the pot. I decided to take some pictures from my phone so I could post them up here. Poor pot.

as you can see the pot had a layer of burnt milk I guess.

cleanning this mess from the stove was a BITCH!

I decided to throw the pot away (ofcourse it is useless) and just buy a new one tomorrow.

maybe a goofy idea can come out of this.hhmm

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Jervis said...

wow, i bet that milk STANK!!