Pasion for Fashion

My name is Monica; barely legal & a new york city girl at heart. cape verdian blood. I love my family and my friends. i have to say i am a really realist female and down to earth. anyone who knows me can say that i'm a workaholic and always on my grind; which i admit i am. i have changed alot in these past years, ive gone through heartbreak and many issues but i seem to notice now that ive gotten past all those issues by waking up the next day a new person ; new outfit and taking life one day at a time. Fashion really does have a big impact in my life; regular people will just want to look good and match. to me its more than that when i dress it shows who i am and how im feeling that day. my team wants to make an impact in this streetwear business. all these new lines inspire me so much now. shoutout to HELLZ BELLZ & Married To The Mob' those bitches are so dope & i would love to get on their levelbut greater. also as you can see me and my partner have visual style diffrence, she brings the swag and i bring the glam. theres really nothing better than that; this is really something meaningful and big to us. We want to bring that dope & sass to you . Have them niggas feeling FLY & have them bitches
feeling like the mothafucking chick of the year sporting our shit . I know what im going to bring to this label is nothing but real & clothing i would like to see myself in. I have the biggest focus on doing big things this year and this is the start for me; my passion will never die for this and haters were gonna make it so dont every worry like Kanye said " everything im not, made me everything i am ". so stay tuned all our supporters cause i have alot to offfer .


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