medina reporting live.

Helllooo ! so my name is Natalia Medina. (remember that) . It is hard for me to write about myself let alone talk about myself. So bare with me. I am Colombia born and raised there till the age of 8.5 . I know I do not look spanish I get that alot! friends and family are my heart . I do work . I WAS a workaholic. right now I'm taking It easy yet I still have the side effects . I am a really cool , down to earth person who just likes to have a fun time but when crunch time comes I get serious.I do the most randomest things and go to the most weird, random places around. Boston is my happy place that has some boommbbb sushi. Just like a plummer I have delt with A LOT of shit in my lifetime which did not make me a more Ignorant person towards society It just made me a wiser person towards the world and society. So dont't play me for me. I have had this concept of starting this company for a while now . I did my homework , studied everything about It and now I am finally taking action with my Idea. I am putting together a great team that will take the company far and that will make it not just your typical clothing company. I have plenty of Ideas in my head and I will bring them out at FULL FORCE. I am inspired by everything around me. The smallest object will bring a crazy and funky Idea to my mind. I have my own visual style. Clothes and kicks are my desire that I obtain. I collect sneakers of any kind that catch my eye and stimulate my brain. My style is a bit more than just matching on a regular basis I have some "swagger" In my style. Its my own unique swagger. I can really careless the way that you see, or talk about me the fucking haters will talk till they see you do bad (hi hater) and as for me they will never stop talking. My life is my life and I am determined to make the best out of It , Inspire people by my Ideas and accomplishments.I WILL make it big no matter how many times you tell me no I will tell you YES . heartbreaksound is a small Idea compared to the many other ideas in my head. this is just the start of heartbreaksound. STAY TUNED !

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