holy cow.

I thought I would share this little image with you guys. One time while having lunch with a friend she said "holy cow" so i said "imagine what a holy cow would look like . . hm instead of milk it would produce holy water . . haha" and it was left at that. yesterday, I went into a Christmas store and seen this which made me fucking laugh non stop and I HAD to take a picture of it. Of course i did not buy it because 9 bucks for a Christmas ornament is a bit too expensive. (yet i find that 80 bucks for shoes is a the cheap-est price I ever spend. LOL).


p.s WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NIPPLES for the holy water? haha

MOVING FORWARD; updates [heartbreaksound]

ahh lets just say my weekend has started alright. Not the best but, I can't complain. My mind has been lost and wondering too much . . as my daily routine on the Internet to see what kicks and gear is coming out there is alot of interesting things dropping out this season. I'm pretty excited. I am currently (as I type this) drawing out Ideas on a paper and drawing sketches for tshirts.

I FINALLY found the plain shirts =) . I will be purchasing them soon I just want to get the best material that is within my reach. I still need to get concepts for the tags and figure out what hidden quote will go with them. I also need to find the correct and best way to screen print each shirt

I am telling you these shirts will be made and picked out with the best materials that are within our reach at the moment. The tshirts will have some SICK and DOPE ideas who MANY of you would love to rock. I CAN'T WAIT TO LAUNCH THE CLOTHING LINE. I will be up all night working on all this. . . send me a message on myspace or something :-P.

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