It's that time of the year.

Firstly I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone. Enjoy it while it lasts. This Christmas was a very different Christmas than most years for me. I did not buy everyone gifts because sadly some people did not deserve one and I am being very cheap this year. I am really not caring about gifts this year I am just glad I will be spending It with my family In Boston sharing laughs and just kicking it back. It will be filled with a very Spanish/Colombian Christmas. I will be enjoying mine and Hopefully you all get what you want.

So we have many good news and many plans for this new year that is coming. I would like to say that heartbreaksound has a lot in store for the future. As of right now we will be having shirts locally as soon as February or even January. These will be a pre-release. More like a sneak peak. We already have one shirt done we just need to give it the 100% approval.Changes are still being made to the shirt on a regular basis. I wanted to post up the pictures of the shirt but I do not want to ruin the surprise. In the coming week we will be working on the second shirt and a third one. From the feedback that I got from a couple of people they all say the shirt is dope,fly, bangin etc. So keep tuned in!

I also would like to announce that heartbreaksound (us) and Touch ent. are planning to host the first ever NIKE dunk exchange in Rhode Island. We are arranging everything.Many of you may be saying " what the fuck is a NIKE dunk exchange", It is basically an event where sneaker collectors bring their kicks they showcase them,trade and sell them.(about 99.9% of the shoes are all limited and dead stock releases) Anyone can also bring their own kicks and trade or sell them with other people there. Many stores and clothing companies will be there showcasing their products and selling them. Performances will also take place and possibly a fashion show. It is also a great event to meet new people and network. This will possibly take place in 2009. So keep looking out for more information on this event you REALLY DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS. even if you are not a sneaker addict it is still a fun and interesting event and atmosphere to be around. or you know to get some nice ass shoes.

check out some pictures from the last dunk exchange I attended in boston back in March 08.

enjoy the holidays everyone, love heartbreaksound =]

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