sneaky peak .

Just some small sneak peaks of what there is to come. I'm taking my time NOT RUSHING ANYTHING. I will continue stacking up to pay for this investment. on that note I have a VERY important meeting March 5th. I'll keep you all updated. Also, a HUGE thanks to all my connections and the great people I have met so far in the past month who are supporting me.

p.s heartbreaksound.com is being worked on. It will be a bit longer until the website is up.

any questions or suggestions feel free to email: heartbreaksound@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

OH EM GEEE!!! I fucking love you guys!!! Ima be the first to cop the whole collection bitches!!!

D.[RIOT] said...

I peeped that tee...

Shit is hot as hell.

who's the artist you're working with?

nah im kidding, but I f*** with these

pics you took.

I'm still working on the black tee version of this tee too.