Well. here are some few sneak pictures of the shirts that came in. I am waiting on 2 more shirts to be done with production . Once those are done the photoshoot begins with a very talented friend of mines known as LUIS G .

There is A LOT going on with HEARTBREAK SOUND and It is just going to get bigger and bigger. We have HUGE plans in the making. STAY TUNED!

HEARTBREAKSOUND.COM Is still under construction. Once that Is up and running I will post it up =)

On a side note our homie DizZY! just released his mixtape DizZyana "no hooks". . The tittle says it all. He uses NO HOOKS . I've got to say by checking out his blog he is VERY talented with his choice of words and how he express certain situations. This mixtape is def. something worth downloading and bumping to on a daily basis.


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