I FINALLY got the first shirts in. The rest of the shirts will be coming on different dates for the following week -and- a- half. Below are some sneak pics. Shirts are not for sale just yet. Some selected individuals will get them before they go on sale. You might get lucky and catch me rocking one. the website is still getting worked on.

The photoshoot for our collections is getting planned out. Also, there are a few pictures I didnt post on my last blog from the kid cudi and common show so I posted them here. enjoyyyyy

p.s comments and suggestions would be lovely.


Rachie-Pie said...

YYYAAYYY KID CUDDIII!!!!your shirts are looking good miss! Il keep coming back to se more!

noirlettes said...

Keep that shit up girl! its always good to see other girls taking charge with their creative shit

shank the rest ❤ we're the best,